Wednesday, September 05, 2007

alive but blistered*

I ran no red lights today.
School went well.
My kids like my reading corner (complete with a snuggly reading tent from a large Swedish furniture store).
One girl requested homework.
Getting up an hour earlier than what I considered necessary translated into leaving the house 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Because I made lunch and had breakfast and weighed a package (to calculate how many stamps to put on it) to mail out and folded laundry and cleaned the bathroom sink and tried on three - twelve different outfits.
And now? I get to make sure I know what I'm teaching tomorrow.
I'm exhausted and excited.

*wore the high heels


tweetey30 said...

Sounds like a great way to start the school year. Happy schooling and I will keep you posted on Kora. Thanks for the update.

Madwag said...

well done!...
reading corners are cool... when I was a kid a million years ago, we had an old iron claw foot bathtub filled w/ pillows to sit and read in in our reading room... but it was a far out groovy hippy type school where we could have a bathtub...not sure that would go over well now days.

Madwag said...

wearing trainers tomorrow then? ouch!!!

tshsmom said...

Stay excited. That's what keeps the kids interested in learning.