Friday, August 24, 2007

sonic boom

I didn't break the sound barrier, but I did return to this side of the Atlantic. My brain has very much turned to mush completely, as evidenced by blank stares, slight nausea, and a leaden tiredness that threathens to overcome me at a moment's notice (Exception: middle of the night. I'm wide awake and ready to change the world at 3am. Sadly, this doesn't last long). I'm a bit bummed out, because usually the jetlag I experience when traveling this direction is mild and only turns me into a wee bit more of a morning person than I already am (don't hate me, you sleeper-inners!).
A jetlagged blogger means.... RANDOM BULLETS! Wheeeee!

* I saw The Nanny Diaries today. The verdict: It has its moments, and Scarlet certainly does a good job (BTW, when did she get curves? Wasn't she one of those stick figures a while ago? At any rate, she looks smoking hot!), but I'd still recommend reading the book instead. The one thing I liked better about the movie was the ending, though the book ended a lot more realistically.
* Hey, tired girl! You know, your new dress would tickle your back a lot less if you removed the size sticker before wear!
* Air India. I was really pretty happy overall - the 2.5 hour delay could/would have happened on any airline, and the food truly was delicious. There was only one problem, and that was the in-flight entertainment. On my way to Germany, I watched Shrek 3. I had to move to a different (empty) seat because from where I was sitting, it was basically impossible to see the screen. After Shrek was over, there was a whole lot of Bollywood. As a matter of fact, nothing but Bollywood for the rest of the flight. On the way back to the States, they showed a boatload of Bollywood (with subtitles in rather questionable English) and Shrek the Third (the only non-Bollywoody movie). I didn't even make it through one complete movie, mostly because they were incredibly cheesy and convoluted and I was cramped and cranky and my eyes were burning from the reading of the subtitles. The moral of this story is that people will always find something to complain about.
(That would be my head. Hitting the keyboard, fast asleep.)


Christina said...

Yay! You're back!

Sorry to hear about the jet lag, I'm just generally fatigued.

Hope you feel better soon, have a great weekend!

bethany actually said...

Glad you're back home!

Your comments on The Nanny Diaries movie confirmed my suspicions. I liked the book so much, and the style of so unique, I'm afraid the movie just won't do a good job. I am intrigued by the happier ending you mentioned, though. I think I will try to see it this weekend. And as for Scarlett Johansson, I don't think she was ever a stick insect--she's always been pretty curvy.

Re: The N

bethany actually said...

Uh, sorry for my typos up there. That should read "style was so unique" in the second sentence. And that last random phrase should not be there at all!

Lady Iphigenia said...

WELCOME BACK!!! (What did you eat in the airplane that was so delicious?) :-)

tweetey30 said...

Welcome back and when does school Start teacher??? LOL.. Just picking on you a bit. Hope you get loads of rest before it does. Take care.

gracie said...

NO! Scarlet was never a stick-figure. She has always had curves. Watch Lost in Translation, The Girl With the Pearl Earring, and Match Point (more recent). She's always been beautiful.

tshsmom said...

Welcome home!!