Sunday, July 01, 2007


If Forrest's mama is right, you can go ahead and order one of those witty "I'm with stupid" T-Shirts for the next time you'll see me. The Husband and I spent the weekend at the beach. Saturday, we didn't get there until later in the afternoon. I was all lotioned up with SPF 8. When we got home, I didn't even change color enough to have gotten tan lines.
Today, we ended up on the beach right around noon and stayed for 2 hours. My SPF 8 was empty, so I used SPF 15. I can't believe how burnt I am! When we returned to the lovely 97-degree weather of the charming Inland Empire (hate!), I wanted to scream. The air (inside and outside the house) was warm enough to aggravate the burns on my legs. You know the feeling when you have a sunburn and the shower is too hot? It feels like that. ALL THE TIME!
I'm icing my legs and dreaming of SPF 50. And blogging about my stupidity, because honestly - what would be the point of all the pain if I wouldn't tell The Internets?

Edited to add: It's 9pm and we've just made an emergency Trader Joe's run for Aloe Vera gel (ours was, of course, almost empty). I'm blogging from the bath tub (filled with cool water, ahhh) and give you this picture. I seem to be getting redder by the minute. Hopefully this will stop soon!half a day later
My legs still look worse than my shoulders/front section. Thankfully, I was wearing a one-piece suit!


Just a Girl said...


You poor, poor thing. I highly sympathize.

Don't for get to moisturize as well.

tshsmom said...

At the beach, you should have SPF 30 minimum!
Last year, I found out that sunscreen loses its effectiveness after 2 years. Now I buy smaller bottles.

Christina said...


tweetey30 said...

I have SPF 50 for the girls but its a kids sunblock. I just grabbed this year so I hope we can use it on Wednesday down town for the 4th. That is if we dont get rained out. LOL.. Hope you feel better soon. That looks like it hurts though.

Sitting said...

well, at least it will be easy for your husband to find your boobs in the dark. ;)

ZebraBelly: said...

I fried myself back in May at Lego Land. It sucked ass. Hope you are feeling better already!