Monday, July 23, 2007


I've finished reading Harry Potter. I won't say anything about it except for WOW!
I ended up buying it at Costco on Saturday, where I saw quite a few people (women, mostly) walking around with the book hugged tightly to their chests (just like me). I doubt the airconditioning was to blame this time...


Just a Girl said...

I'm still not done!

Dratted social life ;)

Christina said...

I agree, I just finished it earlier today (I had to read book 6 first!), and was blown away.
Don't worry people, no spoilers here!
Just - OMG!

Felicia said...

I agree. Wow just about sums it up. It was her best writing yet.

Chara Michele said...

I finished mine too, and was so glad I bought it. I laughed at your earlier post, because it is totally how I felt. I didn't want to go buy it and had planned on waiting for the library to have it, but was afraid of having it spoiled. So I gave in:)

ZebraBelly: said...

As I held my copy and walked to the line at Borders, I took a long deep sniiiiiiff of the inside (without looking of course!). is that weird? I just love the way books smell. And I love Harry.

(Your word verification is - i swear! - "wwjjd" which of course stands for "what would jesus jones do"? and the answer is, of course, get back together to re-release "right here right now" the remix.)