Friday, July 27, 2007

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Back in 2000, I ended up seeing the movie "The Perfect Storm". I knew as soon as it started that it was the worst movie of all time. (Not even Marky Mark and George Clooney could make up for that.)
Tonight, The Perfect Storm was removed from its infamous throne. The worst movie of all time is actually The Last Mimzy. It was so bad, I actually smacked my forehead a few times and at one point saw myself forced to scream into my pillow.


Christina said...

My twins made me watch that movie TWICE.
Now I have to watch it again with my 16-year-old, so we can pretend we're the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
I didn't think it was scream-worthy, exactly, but that little girl totally creeped me out.
I told my twins that I could easily picture the movie as a horror flick, with the girl, blood spattered, standing over the hacked corpses of her parents, gazing at the camera with an angelic smile (while clutching a butcher knife), saying "Mimzy told me to do it..."
As soon as I heard the creepy noises coming from that stuffed rabbit, I thought "Let the brain washing begin!"
Also, I read and applauded a user review of the movie at rotten tomatoes, which bore the title:
Posessed Doll Entices Children into Satanic Rituals
It really made me feel vindicated!
One minor quibble...the worst movie of all time is unquestionably "The Animal" with Rob Schneider!
Just my two cents.

Christina said...

Of course I meant!

tshsmom said...

I'll definitely skip that movie, as I'm in total agreement about Perfect Storm. By the end of that movie, I was cheering for the waves. :(

Beniy said...

Gotta disagree. I love this movie. Maybe it's a guy thing? Is it the acting or the storyline that bugs you? Obviously it's not just the tragic ending.

Madwag said...

that was the first movie my hubby and I went to see together... on a date... we ended up walking out... but I think it was because we had better things to do, not because it was a bad movie... I don't think we even noticed if it was or not at the

tweetey30 said...

So I take this as a no see movie from what I am reading. LOL... I am only picking on you. I have seen The Perfect Storm and it was an OK on my list but not my favorite of all times.

Inka said...

you lucky one ... the perfect storm is on tv during your visit :oD

Sonja said...

Beniy - I'm assuming you're talking about The Perfect Storm... I didn't like the fact that it was clear that they're doooooomed. No mystery, no hope... Also, I don't like movies that are done mostly in cold colors. And lastly, I have a huge personal issue with water. Not the shower or tap or drinking variety, but the "makes big waves" and "could kill you" variety.
So... I guess my dislike of the movie really boils down to personal issues. Heh. (I was also forced to see it, which did not help my attitude.)

Claire said...

And here I thought 'The last Mimsy' simply had the worst movie title ever...(haven't seen it!)
If I could throw in my personal nomination for worst movie ever, it would have to be 'Monkey Bone'. So bad. Don't, just don't, is all I'll say.