Sunday, July 08, 2007

baby shower lessons

taste test game
1. When you play that game where people have to taste baby food jars, stick to the fruity flavors. Veggie flavors are very intense (and a good deal too strong for most), and the "dinners" that have more than one ingredient (like chicken and rice) are positively vomitrocious. Trust me.
cupcake tree, birdseye view
2. Frosting melts really fast.
my dessert
3. If you're watching your weight and you don't want to eat a cupcake, that's fine. But do me a favor and stop talking about "being good" while I enjoy my chocolatey goodness.*
getting ready to shower
4. Use Ghirardelli baking mix. I'm not a friend of mixes, but these were hands down THE BEST CUPCAKES EVAH!
gift for baby Landon
5. Handmake a gift, impress people.

*Yes. I made the little animal cookies and frosted tails and eyes and spots and whatnot. The theme was "safari" and I went with it. People asked me if I'd heard of "stores" and "buying cookies," but they jus jeluz.


Elaine said...

People are asshats! Why would they suggest that a homemade gift or treat is inferior to what a store could provide?

Now I'm pissed off at them and I don't even know who they are. Especially after that "bing good" crack.

On a happier note, you ROCK. If I ever have a baby again, I'm totally making you come to the shower. And maybe move in.

Inka said...

which "teig" (I don't know wich word the dictionary proposes I should take) did you use for the cookies on the muffins?

I'm so happy you're my sister ... my babys would look sooooooo cute in your and mum's dresses and on the quilts *smile*

tweetey30 said...

You are superb when making stuff. I love looking at your stuff.I am so jealous that I cant sew. I know I could if I put my mind to it but fabric is expensive.

Lady Iphigenia said...

It looks like there is a baby boom on your side of North America as well! :-) (another friend of mine is expecting!)