Monday, June 25, 2007

tips for job seekers

1. Don't expect Them to call you. EVER.
Even after you've been in contact with the office, even after you have filled out the specific application form they use, even after you've sent all your documents in, and even after you've left a message on the office machine asking for the status of your application, YOU ABOSLUTLEY HAVE TO CALL THEM AGAIN.
2 out of 3 interviews were scheduled when I made the call to inquire if my application had been received. Don't think that the ball is in Their court just because you've applied to an open position. Apparently, if you don't call, you don't want it badly enough.
Also, once you've interviewed and you want to know about Their decision, you will have to call them again. And if you leave a message, DON'T expect a call back. If you really want to know, you'll just have to CALL AGAIN.

2. Have plenty of chocolate on hand and readily available (perhaps on your desk).
Don't really have to explain that one, do I?

3. Don't expect an interviewer to have read ANY of the information you painstakingly compiled for the application.

4. Don't talk to your friends who work in the same field.
Inevitably, your conversation will go something like this:
you: I'm not going on vacation because I want to be available for interviews and so on.
her: Oh yeah, I'm actually on vacation right now. I was really concerned about the interviewing stuff, but it totally worked out.
you: I'm applying all over the place and am coming up empty-handed.
her: Wow, that sucks. My position was temporary, so I automatically got laid off. I had two interviews scheduled right before we left for vacation, so I went to the first one, which wasn't so great, but then another pricipal called and I interviewed with that school and it was totally awesome. They called me two hours later and offered me the job. I never even went to the other interview I had scheduled.
you: Oh! That's great! Well, enjoy your vacation!
Now, I know the friend I had this conversation with did not understand the depth of my professional despair, and she was DEFINITELY NOT trying to rub in the fact that she was a) employed and b) on vacation, so don't be mad at her, okay?! Sort of difficult to be happy for your friends' successes when you live in failure-land.

5.) Take a day off every once in a while.

6.) Don't give up.
I'm still figuring out that last one. I'm ready to work at McDonalds.
That is, if I ever stop crying long enough to leave the house again.


Elaine said...

Damn them and their shady ways. JUST HIRE YOU, ALREADY! Gah. Don't they know you're brilliant? And fabulous? And have great hair that you let your husband cut (therefor showing you are brave)? And oh so pretty? And smart! SO SMART!

Don't they KNOW these things yet.

Damn them.

Just a Girl said...

It drives me crazy when they don't hire the great people.

And I hate being where you are...oh the sucky searching!

Thank goodness for chocolate.

tshsmom said...

They do this in EVERY profession! :(
Those people have obviously never been unemployed, or they would call to let you know where you stand.

Irina said...

Ach Sonja...
das tut mir so Leid! Ausgerechnet du, das versteht doch kein Mensch.

Pass auf dich auf, ja? Wir (F├╝chse) glauben an dich, ganz fest!!


tweetey30 said...

Ouch this must hurt but like you said dont give up and Tshsmoms right they have never been uemployed before and dont know what its like.