Friday, June 01, 2007

more movie talk

1. Goal! is a great film. It's got heart without being trite and there's a bunch of sopping wet lads playing soccer. What more could you want?
2. Because I said so - argh. I was actually sort of cringing about half the time. It has some great moments (and really funny ones), and though there may be a lot of true drama to it, I lost all interest when it became clear that Millie is sleeping with both guys. I just couldn't get over it.
3. Pirates III. *sigh* Let me lend a machete to your intellectual jungle... It was too long (lots of sopping wet pirates, Englishmen, and fish men fighting in the rain), but in the end, totally worth it.
Happy weekend!

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Christina said...

I just realized that the last three movies I've seen have been sequels.
Pirates III was at least MUCH, MUCH better than the second movie, which was utter crap and kept putting me to sleep.
Did you stay until all the credits were over?
There was a little "bonus" at the end!