Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bravely going where I thought I'd never go

brave woman, originally uploaded by girlwithgreencard.

My hair has been growing from awkward stage into awkward stage for almost a year now. Lately, it's been especially bad - no amount of blowdrying, round-brushing, product-ing, and/or coaxing have been able to convince my hair to curl under. See:
fancy a spot of tea?
Yes, I realize it doesn't look that bad in this picture, but I wasn't really going to post a bad picture now, was I? (BTW, you can find the giant tea cups at Michael's.) My solution has been to wear a ponytail every single day, but I was getting sick of that quickly. Yesterday, in all my job-search-related frustration and pre-menstrual hormonal glory, I was ready to schedule a haircut (who cares about that New Year's Resolution, anyways?!). Helpfully, The Husband swooped in, fed me some lunch, and then sat me on the patio and cut my hair. And I let him.
I spent the rest of the afternoon with longer hair on the right side (by about an inch, I think), but he fixed that right up after dinner. And though the job-search is still enormously frustrating and the hormones, well, let's not talk about them, at least my hair looks cute again. Phew!


tshsmom said...

You're a BRAVE woman!
I've always cut L's hair. One time, when my hair was long, he offered to save us money on my haircut. All he had to do was trim off a few split ends! 29 years later, I STILL won't let him get near my head with a sharp implement!

tweetey30 said...

LOL tshsmom. I have never let J near me either. Its something about a man with no training in haircutting I think. Sonja glad to hear hubby did a wonderful job though and your job search will come to a beautiful end hopefully soon. When do schools out there start anyway? When I was in Vegas when i was in 8th grade we started the 3rd week of August.