Wednesday, June 27, 2007

and so it continues

new and new
I have another interview this afternoon. I'm wearing the new red dress, and I'm also wearing nylons and most likely closed-toe shoes, what with professional dress and all that. Dressing for the interviews (which, hey! At least I've been interviewed!) has been difficult. In my first this year, I wore my suit. The interviewers wore 1. a semi-professional combo of capris/short-sleeved sweater (pre-school director), 2. slacks and shirt (principal) and 3. slacks and shirt (board member). I felt a little overdressed, but okay. My second interview was on a Friday. I had initially picked up my application on a Friday, so I knew the staff would be wearing jeans. I deliberately dressed down with a skirt and blouse (with nylons and closed-toe shoes, no less). When I interviewed there a second time, I wore the new red dress in the picture (with - surprise! - nylons and closed shoes). The principal at the school wore professionally casual outfits both times, and the founder of the school wore khakis and an allover embroidered Polo shirt.* Both times, I felt dressed just right (except for the pesky bra strap problem with the red dress, which I have now fixed).
So. I guess if you're still awake after this EXCITING post, pray, think happy thoughts, send hiring-type vibes, cross body-parts, whatever. Just don't sacrifice any virgins (or non-virgins) - it's not that important.

*At least his khakis weren't all-over embroidered.


Just a Girl said...

That's a very pretty dress.

Good luck!

tshsmom said...

Aw shucks! We don't get to vote on what you'll wear this year? ;)