Tuesday, May 15, 2007

queue up for me!

Blockbuster has been sending me frantic emails about my queue being almost empty, and I'm just a little too uninspired to think of movies I'd like to see so I thought I'd ask the smart and brilliant people inside my computer for help. Leave a comment telling me what I should be adding to my list.

Here are the rules:
- We don't do scary.
- We don't do R rated (unless it's for a good cause, like Best in Show or Monty Python). You see, we are secretly not even 17 yet. Mwahahahha.
- If it's a new release, chances are we've seen it.

And to give you an idea of what I like, here are some of my favorite movies of all times:
- School of Rock (Jack Black can never be wrong in any movie, and yes, I've seen all of his. Including High Fidelity, even though it's rated R.)
- You've got mail (It's an internet love story/romantic comedy thing with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks - how could you not love it?!)
- Best in Show (love Christopher Guest)
- Sense and Sensibility (love Jane Austen)
- I also get a kick out of movies like Die Hard and SWAT and Lethal Weapon and so on.

BTW, while we're on the topic of movies: We saw Spiderman 3 this weekend. I have to say that I was not really all that impressed. When we got home, we sat down and watched Real Women Have Curves. Loved it.


Elaine said...

This should keep you busy for a while:

The Holiday
Stranger Than Fiction
A Prairie Home Companion
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Akeelah and the Bee
Fun with Dick and Jane
Eddie Izzard (anything he does makes me giggle... except for his new series The Riches', which is good, but not funny)
Rumor Has It
The Family Stone
Murderball (R, but an amazing documentary)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (ummm, violence)
Calendar Girls
Super Size Me
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Shattered Glass
Waiting for Guffman
The Full Monty

Lady Iphigenia said...

Did you watch "A Good Year"? What did you think of it?

tweetey29 said...

I am not sure if your into older movies or not but here we go:

Chattanooga Choo Choo
Independance Day

Thats a start and I will think some more for you.

gracie said...


I LOVED Real Women Have Curves, too! Here's my list of stuff.

You should try renting documentaries... good/fun ones, of course.

Some of my favorites are:

What the $#@%# to We Know? (A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!)
Baraka (so amazing)
Supersize Me (already listed above)

Also, my favorite movies are:
Hope Floats
Under the Tuscan Sun
Memoirs of a Geisha

I also recommend:
Stranger than Fiction
The Holiday
and In Her Shoes

(I wish I had Netflix)

katze said...

Two that come immediately to mind are:

After Life
I Love You to Death

I don't think either one is R rated, neither is violent or horror, and both are in my all-time favorite movies list.

Mr. Caveman said...

2 words:
Blues Brothers