Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a pretty good day

I didn't go to my kickboxing class tonight.* Instead, we went out for dinner - to a restaurant notorious for its huge portions.
Instead of serving bread as an appetizer, they serve bags of salted peanuts. (They also have the largest glasses of water ever - which is just as well because the food was pretty salty.)
the largest glass of water I've ever seen
The peanut shells are thrown on the ground, which was really strange to do, but also very cool. See:
peanut shells belong on the floor
I had fish and chips with curly fries, and the portion was expectedly huge.
"side dish"
While eating, we watched the Ducks dominate game 6 of the series over Detroit. We left when it was 3-0, joking that we owed them a 5-0 (I shudder to think of that game! Gah!) and the second period was over. We ended up parked in the driveway, listening on the radio to the last few minutes of the game, which ended up being a dangerouly close 4-3 victory for the Ducks. STANLEY CUP FINALS, HERE WE COME!
Ahhh. A good day.

*Actually, I'm in between class sessions for the next two weeks, so I didn't skip class.


tweetey29 said...

Sounds like you had fun. I am not a hockey fan but do like to hear about others nights out.

gracie said...

MMmmmmm Curly fries!

Claire said...

This food looks sooooo good.