Friday, May 25, 2007

here's to free wifi

We've been on the road for about 12ish hours now and pulled over for a potty break somewhere in the mountains (which are still covered in snow and absolutely gorgeous!). Turns out there's free wifi (and free, reasonably clean restrooms), so we're excited. Nevermind that the downtown area consists mostly of restaurants and real estate offices. Ranch home on 20 acres, anyone (only roughly 2 million)?
Anyways. Pictures!

Somewhere in Utah, about 4am.

See? Gorgeous w/snow.
More to follow soon. The open road? She is calling!


jeneflower said...

O you are making me homesick for my Utah mountains.

gracie said...

Mmmm. The open road and clean mountain air. Mmmmm.

Claire said...

So beautiful! You're so together to be able to post from the road.