Tuesday, May 08, 2007

bad blogger!

We had a really busy weekend, and now I'm having a busy week. I'm working as a short-term temp, doing glamorous data entry (I have two laptops so I can work faster, which makes it sort of "special"). The job ends on Wednesday, so on Thursday I'll be back to my usual strenuous schedule of loafing around the house. I can't wait!
Things I shall do on Thursday:
1. Fill out next batch of applications. I dread this already.
2. Email questions for interview meme. I have not forgotten, just a little neglected!
3. Clean the house, for The Filth is reaching to mythic proportions.
4. Sew a doll quilt, for I am a mighty Pattern Tester.
5. Actually, I have an estimated eleventy jillion sewing projects.
7. Go to Home Depot to choose paint colors for beach cottage project (more on this later).
8. Go to IKEA to purchase shelves and baskets and storage containers of various kinds.
9. Shop for groceries.
10. Cook a lovely dinner (for I am a lovely person, and also, my in-laws are coming over).
11. Go to kickboxing class.
12. Sweat, for the temperatures are aboslutely insane. I could use my house as a bikram yoga studio.


Just a Girl said...

You forgot Grey's :)

tweetey29 said...

Have fun staying busy.

Sonja said...

I don't have reception on my TV, so I have to watch Grey's online. It's nice not to have the commercials, but I have to wait until SATURDAY for it to come out. *sigh*

tshsmom said...

I've been just dabbling away at the filth. Until....some friends decided to come for a visit this weekend!!
By 3pm tomorrow, the house will be 80% defilthed and we'll have a lovely turkey smoking on the grill.