Friday, April 20, 2007

not to offend anyone, but...

Driving home today, I heard this story on NPR.
At a community college in Minnesota, the administration proposed installing foot baths so the Muslim students in attendance can wash their feet according to their religious customs throughout the day - safely. Currently, the students have to use the regular bathroom sinks for washing their feet, which is neither safe (somebody has already gotten hurt) nor particularly sanitary.
Now, the idea of installing foot basins makes total sense to me. I'm convinced that it would improve the experience of using the bathrooms for all involved. (Just think about trying to wash your hands in a tiny bathroom while next to you, someone is trying to wash her feet.)
The college has apparently been flooded with community response. Negative response. People are upset that the line between church and state is being blurred because CLEARLY by installing foot baths, the college is ACTIVELY PREFERRING MUSLIM RELIGION OVER ALL OTHER RELIGIONS. AND PROMOTING IT.
Please tell me we're not all this full of that political correctness garbage! Please?

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jeneflower said...

I get really tired of political correctness too. We all should do the thing that is the most practical for all. I think schools should cater to the majority. For example- if my kids went to a Korean school I shouldn't expect that the school should cater to my American ways. If there are a lot of Muslims - then it makes sense to have the foot baths.