Tuesday, April 17, 2007

intervention anyone?

I've just recently acquired a Costco card. In my pre-membership days, I got real excited about going to Costco (with a friend or family member) because I didn't usually get to go. Now, I've taken the Costco-love to a whole other level.
My fridge looks like I'm routinely cooking for a family of 18, and don't even get me started on the freezer!
My latest purchase (caused perhaps by the intoxication of LARGE QUANTITIES OF EVERYTHING AVAILABLE FOR CHEAP and a temporary lapse in judgment that begins when I enter the store and fades when I look at my purchases piled on my kitchen counters) was a large bag of grated cheese.5 pounds! (Also pictured: strange claw-like hand position)
So I spent about 15 minutes spooning grated cheese into ziploc baggies. Totally worth it:
The good news is that there was enough room in the freezer to cram those little guys in. And now we have cheese for months. (Bonus: pictured behind the cheese, a few of the approximately half million bananas I bought that day)
Ahhhh, Costco!


tweetey29 said...

I have never heard of costco but it sounds like our Wal Mart Super Centers though or close. Sams Club. There you go. Sams Club with all the things in dozens instead of separate. We buy the 8 oz blocks of cheese and three a piece at that and it usually lasts us two maybe three weeks. We eat a lot of cheese around here.

Sitting said...

resist the bulk goods! RESIST!

I stopped going to Costco and Sam's Club when I realized that I could not walk in the door for less than $100. Seriously, those greeter people that check your card might as well just fish a Benjamin out of your wallet as well.

Just a Girl said...

I have never seen that cheese bag! It's huge!!

I heart Costco too but have learned much restrain. Feeding one person does that :) I have trouble in the books.

tshsmom said...

I don't think we have Costco in MN. We have Sam's Clubs, but the closest one is 160 miles away from us. :(
Fortunately, my boss let's me order, in bulk, through her suppliers.

Mr. Caveman said...

I don't blame you...


Claire said...

Hee. Welcome to the club. I once bought a 1 gallon jar of maraschino cherries. And ate them. A friend of mine bought an industrial drum of nacho cheese sauce, and now he's set for life.