Tuesday, April 03, 2007


When I started 7th grade, I had to go to a new school because we were moving (we stay in the same school from grade 5 up until we're done in Germany). I had a horrific year. The girls were pre-teen hormonal bitches with too much eye make-up who had a problem with me because my family had bought the house one of the girls' parents had wanted to buy. These girls had boobs and designer clothes. To me, they gave every impression of having life figured out. There were only 4 or 5 really mean ones, but their treatment of me gave all the other girls, the indifferent ones, the permission to laugh about me or ignore me completely. On a regular basis, I'd walk into the classroom to find one of the girls (not a queen bee) sitting in my seat talking to the person I sat next to who would then say (loud enough for me to hear) "Oh, SHE's here," roll her eyes and finish her conversation until the bell rang, while I just stood there, waiting for her to leave my seat. (I'd like to give Little Me a little fire in her belly so she'd kick the other girl out of her seat...) The boys in the class were nice to me, but they were, after all, boys, and while we were buddies, they couldn't really take the place of girl friends. I spent my breaks in the library and waited for the girls to find another victim. I was so relieved when summer came around, but as the vacation days slowly ticked away, the old panic started to knot up my stomach and rob me of my appetite. My only hope was that there'd be a new girl in our class.
And thank the good Lord, there was. And not only was she not mean, but she had fire in her belly, and she chose me as her friend, and I chose her right back. We shared our lunches and our homework and our pens. She made me watch VanDamme movies (which I enjoyed) and forced me to read The Name of the Rose (which I didn't enjoy). We slept together on her pull-put couch and in my basement and went to McDonald's and to the movies together. We took ballroom dancing lessons and got along with each other's parents and talked each others' ears off and played with each others' hair. She dropped me off at the airport when I was moving to the States and writes me emails and calls me once in a while. I flew to Germany for her wedding and we see each other every time I fly over there, and even though we can go weeks without hearing a peep out of each other and we only see each other twice a year (sometimes less), she is still my Best Friend. My person without whom I would have been totally lost during my teenage years.
On Friday, my Best Friend gave me a huge gift:.Hannah is my god-daughter, and it's a little insane how much I love this little person.


tweetey29 said...

Sonja friends are precious and I have only one high school friend I still really tell everything to. She cant have kids for some reason unknown but she is my girls aunt even though we arent related in anyway. This has tears rolling down my cheeks realizing how much we have in common in the school area. Except for the girls went far enough my mom could have pressed charges against but wouldnt. I am sort of glad she didnt. It just would have made the situation worse for me but then again they got a way with it. But anyway cute goddaughter. She is very beautiful. Cherish her for all she is worth.

Just a Girl said...

She is darling.

(school sucks)

Lady Iphigenia said...

Welcome Hannah!

(Hubby and I are going to be Godparents in June too!)

tshsmom said...

She's BEAUTIFUL!! Have you seen her "in person" yet?

Sonja said...

Tweety - thanks!
Girl - I know, right?! ;)
Lady I. - Yay! Congrats to you!
Tshs mom - Haven't yet and won't probably until at least July... *sigh*

Christina said...

Congratulations to Best Friend and you!
I'm glad you two found each other, and that Hannah is here now.

I remember starting 8th grade at my MOM'S alma mater in Berlin (Leibniz OG). I'd only been living in Germany for three years, so my German was definitely not perfect, plus I was a year younger than everyone because of skipping third grade (long story), which means nothing now, but somehow was a big deal then ("Jahrgang 70? Du gehoerst in die siebte Klasse!). I survived and made friends who are STILL my friends today.

Anonymous said...

I had a problem with too much eye makeup in jr high too. My boobs were also small.

I'm glad you found a friend and good friends last a long time!



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