Sunday, April 01, 2007

fruity talk

him: ... No. I'm really taking all the fruit, you know, all the oranges and apples and peaches and raisins and...
me: Raisins aren't fruits.
him: Ummm... yes, they are.
me: Well. They aren't their own fruit. They're really just dried grapes.
him: ...
me: You can't dehydrate dried fruit.
him: ?
me: Raisins can't be their own fruit. They're already grapes.
him: But... what would you call a dried peach?
me: What? That's precisely the point! Dried grapes shouldn't get their own name! It's one of life's great unfairnesses!
him: Ummm. Okay. Hey! Time to go to sleep!
me: Yes, sure. But mark my words - I will henceforth be calling my raisins dried grapes.
him: hoookay.


Sitting said...

and what about prunes? they're just dried plums. the mass confusion! it's insane!

Sonja said...

It's a conspiracy. Dried fruits, by any other names, are still only dried fruits!

tshsmom said...

You're right; you're certifiable! ;)

Sonja said...

...and proud of it! ;)

tweetey29 said...

Sonja is nuts. LOL... I am not getting into this one really. I like raisans and I like grapes so you never know. I dont like prunes though YUCKIE.

tshsmom said...

Yeah, but the little voices talk to ME! ;)

gracie said...

I can totally picture this conversation. LOL Sounds like Matt and I except he is always right by way of having more weight to throw around. (I need to start eating more.)