Friday, March 23, 2007

walking along, doodle-dee-doo

We saw Blood Diamond Wednesday night. I'm really not sure what to tell you about it, other than the fact that it made me wonder if that's what it's like in Iraq right now - rebels fighting each other, government and foreign soldiers trying to get a handle on things. Are Iraqis forced to jump into the bushes whenever a car approaches? It's also made me look at my wedding ring differently and consider what else I'm unknowingly doing that contributes to the pain and suffering of others.
But you can't actually survive if you allow these kinds of thoughts to swallow you up.
The consolation I find is that, in the movie, the couple wouldn't have worked out anyways (he was too much of a cynic to be turned into an idealist, and she was too much of an idealist to be turned into a cynic, and both were too set in their ways to find a middle ground) and that in real life, I can move forward differently. No more diamonds for me, but no regrets about the one I have.


tshsmom said...

Aha! I always knew that I didn't like diamonds for a reason! ;)

tweetey29 said...

I have to say I wish some one would tell my mom that. She keeps buying them off ebay. She keeps telling me she wants something for me when she goes some day. Yeah right. LOL...