Friday, March 09, 2007

signs of life

A big cathartic cry.
A phone call from my favorite school district ever, putting me on the sub list.
A bare bush, coming back to life with tufty little shoots of GREEN GREEN leaves.
signs of life
My vegetable garden.
My Veggie Patch
Veggie Patch Closeup
The promise of seeds.


European said...

PS: Pictures have notes on flickr!

tweetey29 said...

You know this is just like life indeed the way you put that on there. LOL.. You also know life is like a game of chess? LOL.. I only say that is because hubby plays chess and we compare life to chess alot.. Hope all is well and you are considering the sub job at your favorite school. Have a great weekend. Its starting to warm up here so we are going to get out for a while when J comes home from work.He had to go load his truck for Monday so he can basically leave when he gets in Monday morning.

Elaine said...

AH! Perfect!