Friday, March 30, 2007

reward for filling out a form

People, I'm being rewarded for filling out a two-page form correctly: I have an interview next Tuesday*. This is one of the districts in the area I haven't had anything to do with yet, so I don't know a whole lot about them. What I do know is that my friend who works there absolutely loves it. I also know that they are one of the few districts around here that is actually growing (as in BUILDING NEW SCHOOLS) which is ever such good news.
However.... it's a huge district, which could mean a potentially impossible commute, and it's a very popular district, which could mean that I'll get edged out by the competition.
For now, I'm working on the following:
1. clean interview suit (dry cleaner? Hand wash cycle? Febreeze and ironing?)
2. remember buzz words
3. practice questions - How would you build your reading program? What would you do if a colleague spread rumors about you? How long would you leave uneaten food items in the teachers' lounge refridgerator?
4. breathing... in and out, in and out

*They're not doing paper screening. Instead, they interview every person with a complete application on file.


tweetey29 said...

Wow. Congrats and good luck with this one. Hope it turns out ok. I know a few teachers here that commute about an hour away from the school K goes to. But that is there choice as well as this will be yours. Hope you have a good interview.

tshsmom said...

Ok, how long WOULD you leave the uneaten food in the fridge? ;)

Sonja said...

Tweety - traffic around here is just horrible. I'd hate to have to get on the freeway in the morning.
Tshsmom - hehe. I tend to not leave left-overs. ;)

Just a Girl said...

Fingers will be crossed for tuesday.

tweetey29 said...

I clean our fridge out once a week with left overs esp if they have been covered or if not two days later. But that is a hard question to answer for a teachers lounge though. Gosh they might want some of that left over food in there and dont know whose is whose. LOL...