Sunday, March 25, 2007

get on the random train!

I'm not sure what to write about. It's been an interesting week, with a job fair (good), a stupid doctor's appointment (I totally resisted the whole "undress and wear this charming paper gown" thing because I had never met the doctor before - yay for me!), a pilgrimage of sorts (more pictures sure to follow), and lots of movies (thank you Blockbuster).
Just now, we finally tried out the fireplace on our patio, which was totally awesome.
our outdoor fireplace
We both smell campy (like smoke) and I got to sing one of my favorite cheesy songs that nobody ever wants to sing with me. Ahhh, life is good.


tshsmom said...

What a great firelit picture!!
I hope the drought breaks here so we can have fires in our yard this summer.
I'm a pyromaniac going into withdrawal! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooooo... that looks so lovely and cozy and I am so jealous!


Lady Iphigenia said...

Mmmmh... Smells good! I love the smell of wood burning, it reminds me my aunt's place in France.