Monday, March 19, 2007

New Years Resolutions

I have two resolutions this year, both of which got to a critical point this weekend.
1. Let my hair grow out. To wit:
head band knot with tiny braids
I'm so excited... perhaps soon now, my hair will no longer look like a flat, flat mop.

2. No shopping on Sundays.
I decided to do this for several reasons. One, I don't want to force people to have to work on Sundays when it could be avoided (this category includes grocery store people but not movie theater people). Two, I want to set Sundays aside for resting more than I did last year - less chores, more naps. Three, I'm a terrible procrastinator and don't want to leave shopping for groceries until the very last day of the week (I don't think this one actually makes much sense on paper since there's always a tomorrow to follow the today, but it does make sense in my mind (which by all accounts is a strange and wonderful place) and that's all that matters to me).
But alas - please witness:
containing my happiness
So I sort of fell off the waggon, but I'm thinking that since HEY! I make the rules about this, I'm going to consider Organizing Meccas on the 'neccessary to be open on Sundays' list. Plus, it was a matter of convenience as the Container Store closest to my house is about 40 minutes of a drive (and with typical traffic probably doubles that), but we'd driven about an hour to a birthday party that took place literally accross the street from (another) Container Store. So I decided to screw the Sunday rule and get two delicious plastic boxes for my fabric that fit my squarey IKEA shelf EVER SO EXACTLY.
I also made the cake for the party (decorate your own cupcake) which was very well-received AND I made the birthday girl a head band which she loved AND my hair looked cute. What more could you want from a weekend?


tshsmom said...

I don't shop on Sundays either. The only exception is Menards, when we're working on home projects.
I absolutely REFUSE to shop at a store that's open on a holiday!

tweetey29 said...

Unless I am making potatoes and realize that I have no more butter then I run on holidays. LOL.. But otherwise we sit around on Sundays and enjoy our family time. That head band looks absolutely adorable. And your hair will grow out if you just give it enough time.

gracie said...

I really like your hair. Very cute!