Monday, March 12, 2007

mind the gap - you might step in khak(i)

Dear Gap Fashion Overlords,

what is up with all the khaki? WHERE ARE THE COLORS?
This kind of merchandise is what makes Gap-loving mall-shoppers (ie me) go to huge stores in strip malls, where none of the clothing costs what is actually printed on the labels (because everything is always on sale), and where they can purchase a summer work wardrobe for a fraction of what they would have paid at your establishment.
Combine the khaki with the impossible-to-wear-in-public and /or extremely unflattering cuts and necklines, and I'm no longer surprised your stock prices are dropping.

Hope the whole project red rip-off will work out for you!

Girl with Greencard

1 comment:

tweetey29 said...

Boy do I have to agree with you there. I hate when they do that. I mean we have a Yonkers, and Elder Beerman here and I have been in both stores once. Never again. I never purchased anything either. Just looking. I wont be back looking again at those prices.