Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I was just clicking around on Heather's sidebar, and she linked to this glorious piece of funnies that I figured I shouldn't keep from you.
—Say it,
damn it! I’m the President!
—All right! If you don’t stop the war . . .
they’re going to stop going to school for the remainder of the week.
the troops home.
—But, Mr. President! Shouldn’t we talk about this?
the troops home.


tweetey29 said...

I have to agree send our troops home. I hate having them over there. I have two friends from High School over there. Send them home and knock this BS out. Get along and try to defend your own country. Run it but dont dictate it again.

Sonja said...

I just heard an interesting soundbite on the radio: "Al Gore is being celebrated as a hero for fighting global warming, but George W. Bush is looked at as the devil himself for fighting Islamic fundamentalism."
Sounds true enough, except that it's not really the fighting that gets Bush the bad rep, it's the way he chose to fight it that makes it hard to respect the man.
The Husband's cousin was in Iraq for a tour of duty. He's now in Korea.