Wednesday, March 14, 2007

exciting excitement

Kickboxing was pretty awesome, even though I've noticed (once again) that I have some small coordination issues. I was probably really fun to watch. The instructor warned us not to eat white foods after 4pm (because they're full of carbs that will "stick" to your body), and that made me smirk, which I had to hide behind a fake cough because I was standing in the front of the room. A food racist - a food-ist! Hehehe.
It took me literally 2 hours to fall asleep, because a) adrenaline was PUMPING!!! and COURSING!!! through my VEINS!!! from the EXERCISE!!! and because b) I am so excited about tonight!!! I was invited by The Husband's aunt to go to a Ducks game! And as if this wasn't good enough (tickets I can afford have been sold out for a while, so I'm pretty stoked to be able to go), the tickets come from her boss, who is flush with cash, so I'm sitting in a box (and even though that sounds kinda bad, it's actually excellent). They are serving us dinner... I'm having a hard time containing myself. Wheee!


tshsmom said...

Maybe the kickboxing will improve your coordination problem?
Enjoy your hockey game! You wouldn't enjoy it so much if you lived in MN.

Just a Girl said...

Fun! Box seating is such a treat :)