Monday, March 12, 2007

exciting and new

Some of you might remember crafty, my craft blog. Those who do might be wondering whether I actually remember that blog, and I have to say, ummmm, good question! I haven't updated that blog since before Thanksgiving. Recently, something wonky happened to it when a hacker hacked one of the wordpress servers (or something similar), and that gave me a really good excuse to shut that blog down. In keeping with my general life-is-crap outlook of the last few weeks, I just filed it under "See? I told you life sucked" and moved on.
Sort of.
Because... I talked about my issues, and some really loving people set me straight. I realized that 1. I'm not a failure and 2. Life doesn't suck. And then I took some allergy medication and went on a shopping spree at the fabric store and did some tweaking and yelled at flickr a little and there you have it. I have a much better attitude and a lot of new fabric (FAT QUARTER SALE AT JOANNE'S THIS WEEK!) and a brand-new craft blog. Enjoy!

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