Thursday, March 15, 2007

Duck, duck, blue jacket

I'm sure most of you aren't really all that interested in a play-by-play account of the game, so I'll just wrap this up quickly.
Sitting in the box was veeeeery niiiiiice. There was legroom. There was a ledge to put your stuff on. The seats even had cushions! And, of course, we were so much closer to the game than we usually sit.
Our guys led for a while, then The Others led for a while, and two minutes before the game ended, We scored and tied it. We went into overtime, where nobody scored (boo) and then into a shootout, which was vey hard to watch and which We eventually lost (boo again). Oh well. It was still an exciting game.
(Ducks in black, Blue Jackets in white/red)

I just really have to learn how to whistle, my voice is pretty much shot for today.


tweetey29 said...

Sonja glad you had fun. I dont care for hockey but anyway glad you do and you had a wonderful time again. They will do better next time. Its just like foot ball you have to take one week at a time. LOL..

Little Sister said...

where is the post about the Mannheimer Adler? you promised!!!

They won there last game after scoring in the LAST second and then they brought it home :o)
but tickets are sooo expensive :o(