Wednesday, February 14, 2007

you live, you learn

Have I ever mentioned just how much my job sucks? No? Well, it sucks a lot.
They've started training My Replacement, but:
* didn't tell me she was coming to observe me
*didn't tell her that I was leaving
*and are now sending her into my room all day to observe/prepare, which in essence means that I had to take down all my stuff today (instead of Friday) and that I'm getting a lot of implied "why didn't you do this better"s in conversation with her. And also, she keeps on making "Ohhh, maybe you're pregnant" comments, the unrelatedness to pregnancy of which annoy me to no end.

A little while ago, I was complaining about my job to a teacher girlfriend. She recommended I look at is as a "learning experience." Sarcastically, I remarked that I had learned that when you walk by the students' bathrooms, you hold your breath. And even though this is a valuable lesson that will probably take me far in life, I have learned something else as well, and it's actually been somewhat of a painful revelation over the past 2 days which I spent listening to The Replacement talking about a Listening Center (totally my idea, BTW), moving the furniture, putting this here and that there and words on this wall and a "real" alphabet (like the teachers use, you know) over the board once I take mine (the "not real" one, presumably) down.
I learned that if you're not getting support, you have to ask for it.
If you don't have a curriculum, go and tell the principal you need one. If you don't have a boom box and books on tape for the kids, go tell the principal(for the listening center, you know).

I also learned that if your principal is kind of a jerk and not really helpful at all, you should apply to as many other positions as possible and leave your job asap.


tweetey29 said...


It sounds like this couldnt be a better time for you to leave that job if they are pulling this stuff on you. It might be a life learing experience but that replacement might not know the school and not know what the budget is for stuff she mentioned or you mentioned in your post. I mean the teachers here have tape players in the rooms for the kids but I really dont know what exactly they are used for. I am sorry she took to your listening center idea also. Its a great idea. But she should really wait till your gone to take charge like that. It just got me mad about the public schools all over again. I havent had a best time of them lately with K. Things will hopefully get better. Other women always asume pregnancy is the right assumption is right when its not. I had that one with both girls before both girls. Anyway sorry for such a long comment. I hope you enjoy your time off before you find something else. Good luck out there my friend. Take care. Tweets and family.

Anonymous said...

A loaded weapon on school property is ALWAYS a good way to get other's respect and find a new job... in the prison system.


tshsmom said...

"Replacement" will learn the hard way, after you're gone.

tweetey29 said...

I have to agree. They are planning something for the replacement on Monday. Shes going to walk into a trap they are plotting for her now. Kids will be kids. They have pushed your buttons and know what they can get away with and now they have some one new to push around for a while. Good luck with finding somethign new you like. Tweets.

tweetey29 said...

You have been tagged. LOL.. Have fun with it. Tweets.