Wednesday, February 14, 2007

officially in my terrible twos

Two years ago today, I celebrated Valentine's Day by going to the gym and then writing about it on my blog, in my very first post.
I've since learned how to mess with HTML code, how to upload pictures, how to link (like, wow!) and how to fill in virtual space when I couldn't think of anything better to write than "What kind of coffee drink are you?" and "What kind of car are you?" (both of which I'd link to if I could actually find them in the archives).
I'm not one for mushiness, and so I have nothing else to say except for WATCH OUT! Girlwithgreencard is now a dangerous toddler. Mwahahahahaha!

(Lordy, is this the lamest post ever or what? Don't despair, though. I totally have an exciting weekend planned (groaning from the masses). And I'm also strongly considering telling you about the dream I had the night before last in which I was one of the Grey's Anatomy interns -- which, BTW, did that little girl disappear in the middle of the last episode? Was she some sort of a aupernatural occurrence (please not!), or did she just move really fast so she'd go with Meredith's Monologue about Things Disappearing? And what is with the water stuff? -- until I started wondering why I'd never seen my name in the credits when I watched it. Then I woke up, which was just as well, because Addison was totally coming on to me.)


Just a Girl said...

That little girl drove me crazy. I wonder if there's some nepotism going on with her because she was flat, flat, flat!

tshsmom said...

Happy Blogoversary!!