Thursday, February 15, 2007

more learning

Today, I learned that when you use the self-cleaning function on your oven, you should expect a fair amount of smokey smoke to permeate your house. If you don't have a door to close off the kitchen, you should probably consider cleaning your oven during the daytime, when you can leave windows open for the duration of the cleaning and for a few hours afterward.
As it happens, I will now go to sleep in my smoke chamber(a result of cleaning the oven after dinner). I suppose if I run into a cannibal tomorrow, this might be appreciated.

Also: Grey's Anatomy. Two things:
1. I'm not buying the "Meredith is dying" thing.
2. I'm loving the guys lately - McDreamy and Burke doing some bonding, Alex becoming sort of uncharacteristically nice - but my all-time favorite person will perhaps forever be Dr. Bailey.


Just a Girl said...

Considering the ferry episodes are to span 3 weeks I don't think she'll be truly dead. But what's with the afterlife? Dumb.

tweetey29 said...

I clean my oven during the day usually and not in the winter time. Its to cold to open windows. LOL... So this leaves me with a dirty oven till about April when we can open windows and not worry about them. I caught a few minutes of Greys last night. Not much. I decided to take a bath instead of watching tv. The girls had went ot bed and J went out for a while and I was alone. Nice long hot bath. It felt wonderful even when I realized I had fallen asleep for half an hour when hubby walked in and woke me up. Well enough on that. Anyway. Hope all is well with everything. Tweets.

Sunshine said...

Meredith can't die, it makes no sense. My other "Grey's" addict friend thinks maybe they'll kill off her mom.