Wednesday, February 21, 2007

it was hard, and then it got harder

I'm having a hard time writing, and after about 17 adventures in typing and deleting, I had a halfway decent post written. Of course, when I hit publish, blogger wanted me to log in (even though, might I remark, I was already logged in), and once I'd logged in (again), my post had vanished. I blacked out for a moment after repeatedly hitting my head against the wall, but now I'm back to show blogger who's boss. Me. I'm boss. YOU HEAR ME, BLOGGER?!!

Anyways. My earlier post mentioned my last day at work, the surprise party I threw this weekend, the strange combination of movies I saw this weekend, and my happiness about abc's putting Men in Trees online. I forgot to mention that I've put in an amazon order for some sewing books I'm really excited about and that I've signed up for a cardio kickboxing class.
Isn't my life exciting?

* My last day of work was great. I think it actually was the best day I had the entire time of working there - how sad! I brought milk and cookies for my kids and read them a story. I met with the principal to discuss my grades (I had nightmares about this discussion the night before) and she was having a "nice principal" day, so everything went well. I turned in my key and left with a bounce in my step. Sure, I'll miss the kids (esp. the one who insisted on calling me "sir") and my lunch buddy teachers, but otherwise, I was filled with sweet, sweet relief on Friday.

* We watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Friday (because D. went to the rental store alone and didn't know about my affiliation -- BTW, look how much crap I got in the comments on that post!). Despite my high and mighty self, I really enjoyed it. On Saturday, we rented The Break-Up. I didn't realize the connection until after we got home. It added an unwelcome element of reality to the movie-watching escape-from-the-world activities. Plus, The Break-Up wasn't half as good as Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

* I threw D. a surprise party on Saturday, and let me tell you: That was a lot of work. More work that I'd anticipated, and a lot of running-around-in-panic at the last minute. It worked out, however (because my father-in-law was my accomplice and he stalled the arrival) and the look on D.'s face when he walked in and saw everybody assembled there made all the work worth-while. It was awesome!

* Men in Trees is online. I'm happy!

* I've ordered some sewing books (and a Blondie CD) from amazon. I'm excited!

* I signed up for a kickboxing class. I start March 8th. Yeah!


Just a Girl said...

There are some days Blogger makes me what to poke my eyes out. I especially *love* having a blog lost in limbo. Thrills me to no end.

gracie said...

I heard about your surprise party from my sis. She said it was really fun! Good job. I wish I could have been there... HEY... why wasn't I invited?!

Oh yeah... i live way out here.


European said...

Girl - So far, I've been mostly happy with blogger. Yesterday though? Grrrrrr.
Gracie - living way out there comes with the privilege of having a standing open invitation to come hang out and spend the night whenever you want (or are in the area). I was sad we couldn't have you here - you were missed!

tweetey29 said...

You sound like your having better luck than we are here.LOL... Just a bunch of BS here really. It comes with life though. We are dealing with it as it comes. I feel sorry for J though because he has to deal with the extra stress at work and then at home too. Well anyway glad to know you are enjoying yourself. How was MR and MRS Smith anyway? I have seen the previews but havent seen it yet. Well I suppose. My mom should be on line here in a few minutes for our daily talk unless I made her mad with my e-mail yesterday. I tried telling her how I feel and I didnt hear back from her. Oh well its life. Well anyway later. Tweets.

tshsmom said...

We LOVE Mr & Mrs Smith!