Tuesday, February 13, 2007

down to talking about the weather

It's thundering and lightninging and raining like crazy around here just now, which is awesome because I am home and dry and warm and comfy and love listening to the rain pound the roof. What is not so awesome is that the thunder is so strong that my dishes are vibrating in the cupboard.


tweetey29 said...

Love to watch storms come in and turn the lights off and watch the lightening. Watching it light up the whole sky at night. The only thing I dont like is when the sirens go off. YIKES> Then I freak out. But if I can stay in my chair and watch the lightening and be safe ok. Hope things are well for you. They seem to be at a calm here for the time being. Later N. AkA Tweets.

Just a Girl said...

I love a good storm! Even if the dishes rattle :)