Sunday, February 18, 2007


IKEA has managed to mildly annoy me, again*. I've had my eye on this entertainment center, but neither of "my" two Ikeas has had it in stock recently. Today, I had the grand idea to satisfy my need for instant gratification with online shopping.
The first issue was that their website is really not organized in a way that is condusive to finding different components in the same series. I typed the name BONDE into the search box and got 0 results. Great job!
The next issue was that even after checking and double-checking for faulty selection and/or math and for extra fees, the price of the stuff in my cart was $58 higher than the price in the catalog. And that was before tax and delivery. I finally figured out that even though the picture in the catalog is of the birch veneer, the price in the catalog is for the white.

*If you do a search for IKEA on my blog, you get this page full of woeful tales (and happy ones). And then there's the 'vintage' Ikea...

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tshsmom said...

I hate to think what shipping would cost for that unit!

Can't your IKEA store special order or reserve one for you?