Thursday, January 25, 2007

smell the Apple

Two things:
Thing 1: Yesterday was That Interview I Told You About. It was, as I had suspected, a mere formality. I have to wait for my fingerprints to come back, then they will put me on their phone list and HOPEFULLY start calling me. Then all I have to do is convince the students and other teachers that I am wonderful and marvellous and skilled, so they will request me for future jobs. Easy as pie? Perhaps not quite. Doable? Defintitely. Better than what I do now? ARE YOU KIDDING?!!

Thing 2: Crap box (my computer, for you newbies out there), has broken down again. It claims that there is a "disk read error" and curtly advises to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. And when you restart, it tells you about the "disk read error" again, and you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del again, which inevitably brings you back to the same screen. Hitting F10 for a reformat or F1 to "enter setup" doesn't produce different results. The CD drive has been broken since the last adventure in crapboxing, when we put in a new hard drive. Thusly, the recovery CDs we have are of not much help at all.
I dream of the shiny, bright apple store... We're one step closer, methinks.


Adrian said...

I think Ill call my Dell a CRAP BOX.


tweetey29 said...

I have no idea whats wrong with it. You should mention this to scrunch or I can mention it to my hubby. He can tell you whats wrong if your interested. Just let me know when you get a minute. I am glad the interview had went well for you. I have some up dates on hubbys job for you while I am here. He threatened the big boss that if the secretary didnt back off he was going to walk and the boss asked him why and so forth and he told them. He told the boss he was sick of being harrassed in front of his customers.

Well the boss talked him out of quitting because he thinks hes doing a great job and agreed with J that the secretary had no right snagging at him in front of customers. She should have asked him if he was in his truck or still with customers. Well that is what I have for you. Good luck with the job and let me know about the computer if you want. I will direct hubby here and maybe he can help with a suggestion. I know he has had to redo our computer more often than I would rather say. lol.. later Tweets.

Just a Girl said...

Mmm, Apples!

Richie said...

Hi Eurpoean: I left a comment in the previous post but it seems to have gone missing. Not that I'm bothered but (apart from the fact that the world is a little less funny as a result) but maybe other people have suffered the same thing. Blogger seems to be causing problems for people lately.

tshsmom said...

Blogger's been eating my comments too. THEN they forced me into switching to the "new blogger". I'm not impressed! :(