Monday, January 22, 2007

my confusion is growing

I bought this T-Shirt today. Because it made me think of inner peace and getting my life in order. When I showed it to The Husband, I could tell right away that he wasn't tracking with that association. Finally, he admitted that he thought it seemed to him like a "hinthint, I'm pregnant" shirt. (Which I am not.)
So, what does it make you think of?


Richie said...

Seems like a very self-centred T-shirt to me. Your peace is growing. What about mine? Why is your peace growing but mine isn't? What are you using to get such spectacular growth from your peace? And why do you feel the need to boast about how big your peace is? Are you going to be wearing that T-shirt on trips to the Middle East? 'Cos I can tell you right now that you're not going to be the most popular person there... Bombs going off everywhere, AK 47s rattling on street corners, and here comes a foreigner boasting about how much her peace is growing... Boy, are we envious.

On second thoughts, I think it's kinda cool! ;)

Your word recognition thingy for today: "bugnym" -- it sounds like it should be a real word! "Him? Oh don't mind him, he's just a bugnym!"

Adrian said...

Sounds like a line from a porno movie!!


tweetey29 said...

I am not so sure what its suppose to mean but interesting if nothing else. I suppose I can see where your husband thought what he thought. But then again its not that obvious either. If you were pregnant you would have to go home with a t-shirt I saw a while back that said "It started with a kiss and ended like this" with an arrow pointing down to your stomach with a circle going around your stomach. LOL..... I think its a neat t-shirt anyway either way. Peace of mind here.

European said...

Richie - LOL! It's a teacher-thing: we just care about ourselves and nobody else. I guess I won't wear it to any boot camp graduations or perhaps even to my ghetto school. What about if Al Gore comes to campus?
Adrian - *dangles fishing line in gutter to retrieve Adrian's mind* It's peace, not piece, my friend. But even so... LOL!
Tweety - I do like that shirt you describe - too funny. always has great shirts.

European said...

ohhh, and richie - I think my classroom is filled with bugnyms. They're bugnyming the crap out of me.

gracie said...

LOL. You're funny Sonja.

It makes me think of a bad protest shirt. I'm all about peace and I'm all about protesting but this shirt is strange.

I would wear it to bed. It looks very comfortable.

tshsmom said...

Inner peace, definitely.

zebrabelly said...

I'm with Adrian. It seems a little, uh, dirty to me! LOL