Saturday, January 13, 2007

mighty decongestant!!!

People. I thought calling in sick on Thursday to rest would spare me from getting really sick. I was so wrong. My nose is so congested that I couldn't even really squeeze the saline solution in to rinse my sinuses (which BTW, is my newest obsession - it's amazingly efficient) this morning. And I was up at 2:30 this morning watching a Becker rerun (channel 2 for those three others out there with no TiVo) because I could not breathe lying down.
Yesterday, I learned that playing Bingo is harder than you think. As a matter of fact, I might never play that game with my students again, because - by the beard of Zeus - they almost made me lose my mind. They all said they knew the rules, I explained them anyways, then I gave them an example and still. STILL! the majority could not play the game. On top of that, they also could not read the eight spelling words we had practiced ALL WEEK. My dreams now involve early retirement (and Sudafed).
But enough of all that. I flickr-ed! For the first time since October! It all starts with this picture of what jet-lag looks like on a person who had a great book to read on the plane (and therefore, no time to sleep):
jetlag personified(click to see my other vacation pictures)


tweetey29 said...

HI. I know I sound like a pest but when you get a minute you have been tagged by me and I am not sure if your up to it by the way you are describing how you feel. Just when you get a boost of energy would be great. N.

Adrian said...


Fear not.

Youve already been educated and these kids will forever be stupid.


European said...

Tweety - I haven't forgotten... I'm working on it!
Adrian - you crack me up, man.