Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the last straw?

Hey! I haven't talked about That Job I Have And Do Not Like in a while...
Last week, I got a letter. One of the districts I had applied to (as a sub) recently, sent me a letter to invite me to an interview. This interview will be a mere formality, judging from the letter.

Ever since I started working where I am now, I've hoped for another job. I check the job listings on the internet EVERY MORNING before heading off for work.

Ever since I received that letter, I've been plagued by doubts about whether I should stay or go. After all, I was doing something noble. I was starting to feel a little more included (though not much). They finally started emptying my trash. The shy girl I have finally spoke a complete sentence on Friday.

Ever since I read that letter, I've been thinking about what would be more likely to get me hired next school year: Putting "intervention teacher" on my resumee for Nov.06 - June07 or subbing at multiple schools/districts?

Ever since this morning, I have a much bigger motivation to quit and move on.
I spent the entire three-day weekend rinsing my sinuses and coughing, miserably hanging out on the couch - except for a trip to the doctor's office, where I was diagnosed with bronchitis, given a prescription for antibiotics, and advised to stay home until Wednesday or Thursday. When I called in sick this morning, the principal herself answered the phone, and instead of wishing me well or showing some sympathy, she treated me as though I was sick purposely to hurt her.

I'm going to give it my all in the interview. And once they hire me, I'll quit this job. And not look back.


Adrian said...

Principals are MUPPETS.


(Holding thumbs)

tweetey29 said...

Way to go. I know you said you were looking for something better and i think you just found it. YES very good luck with the interview. We are all wishing you luck on my end here. Keep your fingers crossed and I will check back in a couple of days to see how things are going. LOL.. N.

Just a Girl said...

Lovely having a boss like that.

Good luck with the interview: fingers crossed.

Nicole said...

GOOD LUCK! You're going to rock their world.

BTW - I've been reading and stalking but being a very lazy commenter. I'll try to fix that. ;)

European said...

Adrian - thanks, mate!
Tweety - thank you! Sounds like you have your very own employment-related misery on your hands. Sorry to hear that.
Girl - lovely indeed...
Nicole - I've been faithfully stalking you, too.

tweetey29 said...

Yes but we will figure it out and thanks for your input on it. Its jsut the advice and a little ventign again. I like this because then I can get lots of advice without making lots of long distance phone calls. It makes sense to me.

Richie said...

Your boss is stupid. Good luck with the interview!