Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Inquiring minds (led by Nicole) want to know six weird things about me, so here we go:
1. I don't like turtlenecks because at one point, I wore them out of necessity. You know, to cover up my neck? Not such a great time in my life (in retrospect), and the turtlenecks do bring it back.
2. I wear no jewelry except for my wedding ring (not even a wristwatch). This doesn't prevent me from admiring and (very occasionally) purchasing it. I guess I like the idea of wearing jewelery.
3. When I'm alone, I usually miss hanging out with my friends, but often when I'm hanging out with them, I wish for some alone-time. Maybe I'm socially bipolar? Or perhaps simply impossible to satisfy?
4. I love school and/or office supplies. Even looking at them at the store fills me with a tingly happiness. All the many-ish colored pens I have at home (and no, they don't do exactly the same thing, thankyouverymuch) are kept separate from each other and in strict rainbow order.
5. I can't just lay down and go to sleep. I have to HAVE TO shift around for about 10 minutes. Have you seen Ice Age? When we watched Sid (the sloth) go to sleep, The Husband gave me the nickname sloth. Sweet, isn't it? And accurate (as far as going to sleep goes).
6. I like calendars and am usually pretty meticulus about writing dates/activities down in them. I don't, however, usually consult my calendar when making arrangements, because I tend to remember most of my upcoming stuff. This makes it more or less completely impossible for me to ever send a birthday greeting on time (at least to people outside the immediate family).

Now, I shalt tag others, and they shalt disclose their weird side on their blogs. Hmmm. Okay: Just a Girl, Adrian, tshs mom, Elaine, and Christina.
I could probably get over the disappointment of not having you play along, if you really don't want to. But let me tell you - you're still weird, no matter what. You're friends with me, after all.


Christina said...

Wow, my first tag.
I KNOW I'm weird, but I never sat down to count all the many ways...should be fun!

Nicole said...

I'm with you on #6 completely. My friends have to accept that they will likely get a card late, but I do usually manage a phone call or e-mail the day of.

Adrian said...


I promised a long time ago, that I would not participate in a blog tag... but you rock!

So if its OK, Ill answer here, even if I only have mention SIX weird things about myself- I need at LEAST 100!! : )

Hmmmm...where to even begin??

1) I LOVE SYMMETRY. Like obsessively. Everything must be in perfect proportion and in its place.

2) My bed MUST be made every day. No matter what, even if I have ni time to do it. It is the most important task of the day. And it puts me in a FOUL mood if its not done. And I mean FOUL.

3) I have the bad habit of subconsciously testing the psychological boundaries of people, friends and strangers alike, just to see how far I can push or offend them. I dont know why I do it, but I do. I wish I didnt though.

4) I have a fetish for funky toothbrushes and razors, I am a marketers dream. The more bells and whistles, gadgets and gizmos it comes with, the better.

5) I have this deep rooted belief that I am in some way German. I always have since I can remember. I love everything about Germany even though Ive never been there in my life. Ever.

6) Feet freak me out. Except for my friend Kylie's. And I dont know why.


Just a Girl said...

I did it and posted it. I don't know if I'm all that weird....

tshsmom said...

Only 6? This may take me a while to narrow it down to 6! Does being friends with you count as 1? ;)