Monday, December 04, 2006

quick TV round-up

Gilmore Girls: Anybody else out there going "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" in a big screamy and totally desperate voice? Christopher makes my flesh crawl, and I don't like how they're making Lorelai look weird (don't you think her outfits and hair and makeup are... un-Lorelai-ish?). I do, however, love Luke being assertive about "this is not just your daughter!"
What I feel might happen next (okay, hope for): Chris and Lorelai find out that the marriage document is not legally binding, and instead of signing the document that would actually legally marry them, Lorelai comes to her senses. Perhaps Luke could be in an accident (like Logan was when he parachuted into some jungle or something), and Lorelai could hasten to his bedside, and they'd get married in the hospital chapel or something cheesy like that. The point is that they have to make up.
Grey's Anatomy: Burke is a jerk. Meredith is a stupid idiot for saying stuff like "You're not my family" when CLEARLY she's all alone and could really use some extra people in her life. Can hardly wait to see how things will go with George and Callie.
Men in Trees: I watched this show once - actually, 0.75 times - and sort of totally loved it because 1. I have a thing for Anne Heche, and 2. It reminded me of Everwood. The problem is now that this is on after Grey's Anatomy, which makes it by far too late for me to watch. Last week, I got sucked in, but turned it off before it was over, stupidly assuming that since ABC is putting their shows online, I could watch it on the internet the next day. HA! Was I ever wrong! Because you see, apparently, Men in Trees is not considered a "hit show," so you have to actually watch it on TV. In summation: I want to watch this show, but can't (no Tivo AND the VCR just broke), AND I will probably NEVER KNOW how last week's episode ended. *sigh*


Just a Girl said...

GG: It's the new writers. They suck. Everyone talks the same way now. I want Amy Sherman Palladino back!

GA: Why is everyone giving Christina the hard time when Burke should know better??!!?? And Meredith. I can't quite make up my mind about her. I get the family thing though. Why set yourself up to be hurt again by the dumb dad?

MiT: I got suckered in by this show. I don't like AH very much but I have been watching this every week now. She goes back to Elmo! Sigh.

Little Sister said...

stop blogging GG!
In Germany we are back at Season II - Rory between Dean and Jess, Chris with his anoying girlfriend ... :o/