Saturday, December 09, 2006

Photo Advent Calendar, Day 9: Advent Wreath

This is another picture my mom took. It's their advent wreath last Sunday, on the first Sunday of advent. You see, each Sunday, an additional candle on the wreath is lit, until all four of them shine brightly, announcing Christmas. There is a lot of religious Christian symbolism behind this tradition - after all, Christmas is sort of a big day for Christians, you know - and the anticipation that is built in many for Christmas is about the gifts, the food, the friends and family you get to be with. The advent wreath is a reminder that the anticipation, while it is understandably about the things we've attached to the holiday, is also about the coming of Jesus - the birth of the savior in the stable in Bethlehem.


Adrian said...


Thats a BEAUTIFUL tradition!!

tshsmom said...

I've always wanted to make an advent wreath with pillar candles. We had one, years ago, that used taper candles. That was just a mess, and a fire hazard to boot!
Did your Mom make her wreath?

European said...

Adrian - beautiful again, eh? ;) You're right; it is beautiful!
Tshsmom - taper candles sound dangerous! We've had purchased and homemade wreaths over the years (depending on the availability of TIME). This one my mom made herself.

Adrian said...


What can I say?

Its all beautiful to me- these traditions are soemthing Ive never really been exposed to... : )