Friday, December 08, 2006

Photo Advent Calendar, Day 8: seasonal ailments

I'm hijacking the Advent Calendar to tell you about the misery that is my life at the current moment.
You see, working with kids comes with all kinds of rewards, such as low pay and mountains of paperwork. One of the real joys is, however, that in a classroom with 31 kids, there are just about 31 diseases ready to jump you.
I've missed two days of work this week (and am home sick again today), but last night I was really mostly dead. At least I felt much more dead than alive.
Last night, on top of not being able to breath through my nose (congested), a sinus headache (thus the Sudafed, which BTW is now only dispensed in small amounts to prevent people from making meth in the comfort of their own (crack-)house), a throat quite sore enough to want to not breath through my mouth - on top of all that - I had a peculiar stomach/interior plumbing thing going that caused me considerable pain AND a migraine headache that made me want to throw up (D'you know how the Grinch rides down the mountain in his sleigh and yells "I'm gonna die... I'm gonna throw up, and then I'm gonna die!!!"? That was me yesterday, minus the sleigh and the yelling.)
So I went to bed at 7:00 with a puke-vessel (not used, thankfully) next to bed, a heating pad on my neck, and about 3 blankets piled on top. I dreamed weird things (highlights include The Dream With Rabbits, Ostriches, And Fat People Climbing A Mountain In Joggin Gear, The Dream In Which My Husband Was My Brother And We Went To His Girlfriend's Shoe Store (which was huge), and The Dream In Which I Was Looking For Guinea Pigs) and got up often to blow my nose etc., but I survived! Which means that tomorrow, there'll be a much more interesting post with a much better picture. Promise.


European said...

The Sudafed, BTW, helped Not. At. All. Which may, of course, have to do with me only taking half a dose.

tweetey29 said...

I am a stay at home mom but my oldest comes home with telling me the funniest things about kids being sick in kindergarden. She is only five but listening to her tell her tales about the kids being sick. I agree with kids there are so many illnesses now. I got your thing off of tshsmom's post. I thought i would stop in and say. I am new to this and have known tshs for more years than like to render. I am good friends with sme. We went to school together. Have a nice day. YOu are welcome to check out NBR's spot anytime. I dont use the other one.

gracie said...

Oh my G. I don't remember any dreams but I am currently feeling half dead. I got online while I'm trying to eat dinner even though I'm doped up on Nyquil. Yes, the night-time version



Adrian said...

OJ and sleep!!


(although truthfully Im rarely ill)

European said...

tweety - thanks for stopping by! Kids do tell funny stories, esp. the younger ones. It's part of what I love about teaching: They crack you up!
Gracie - hope you feel better!
Adrian - sounds good, but just doesn't cut it for me. Unfortunately.