Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Photo Advent Calendar, Day 20: The Baking

The Christmas season when I turned 12, I did our holiday baking in its entirety. I guess it was the year that recipies and baking really "clicked" for me, because I must have made at least eight or ten different kinds of cookies (if not more). I was happily occupied and immensely proud of myself.
Sadly, I've never repeated that performance. Above, you see the only cookies I have made so far. I have a hunch they might even stay the only ones... And no, I also haven't crafted all the gifts I was so excited about back in October and I haven't written a single Christmas card. If money was not an object, and everyone on my list had an excellent sense of humor like me, I'd consider these babies. But alas... at least now I can eat cookies while procrastinating.


Just a Girl said...

I need those cards as well. My pile just keeps glaring at me and I ignore it.

tweetey29 said...

I just sent out twenty cards with pix of the girls in them but have left over pix. I ordered to many like usual now I dont really know what to do with the rest of them. But this is the only time of year i send out cards except on b-days and what not. Well I have to get K out of bed and see if she can get down a piece of toast. Last night was the first night in almost a week that we got to sleep all night without her coming in the bedroom saying she got sick on the bathroom floor so I have to go see if she wants to go to school. Catch you all later. Happy Holidays.

European said...

Girl - I'm thinking about just writing New Year's cards this year. I could still make that.
Tweety - I'm still considering the photo thing - which means that I should add printer cartridges to the shopping list (ugh!). Hope your little one feels better soon!

tshsmom said...

Christmas cards were one of the stressful things we gave up. For several years, I sent our annual greetings out on Valentine's Day. Now I just email our greetings and pictures.

Your kitchen looks soooo cozy!

I make Christmas crafting a year 'round activity. It's a LOT less stressful that way. ;)

tweetey29 said...

Yes K's feeling better. She went to school today. Thanks for wishing she feels better. This is one time of year I love to send out cards. Even if they are a few days late like they were last year. I buy two boxes of ten and send them out because then I know I only need one book of stamps. Sometimes I splurge and buy the box of thirty but not often. I can post the pix I sent out for x-mas if everyone wants me too. Its not that hard really.Then everyone can see there x-mas presents from me and daddy. lol.... Well anyway. Those cookies do look good. i am going to attempt a batch this weekend of peanutbutter cookies. I have never liked sugar cookies.I mean I like eating them but never had the patience making them.

European said...

tshsmom - I do craft year-round... but Christmas has a way of inspiring new projects!
Tweety - yay for baking!!! Go go go!