Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Photo Advent Calendar, Day 19: Classic Movie

As we get closer to Christmas, I feel more and more like holing up in my house and vegging out in front of the TV with some quality movies, so I figured this to be a good time to discuss Holiday Movies. I know that the standard fare here is stuff like "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Can I take something out for you?)," and while those movies aren't bad, they don't hold the same kind of precious memories for me as they do for most others.
Instead, I look forward to watching "Drei Maenner im Schnee" when I go home. It involves a number of people pretending to be someone they aren't, becoming great friends, drunkenly building snowmen, and falling in love.
How could this movie not be more fun than a barrel of monkeys?!:

And, as much as it embarasses me, no Christmas could be complete without watching Alec Guiness's cold heart be melted by a young, golden-blond Ricky Schroder.


Little Sister said...

I thought about watching "drei Männer im Schnee" at Christmas Eve, but as you arrive 3 days later, I think we can wait to see Kasimir :o)


Christina said...

"Little Lord Fauntleroy"!!!!!
I'd completely forgotten about that movie, thanks for reminding me.
I doubt my kids would enjoy it...no explosions, etc.
But I love it.
Who could not love the classic rendition of "Oh, them Golden Slippers"?

European said...

Little *plopp* - wait for meeeeee! (Are we there yet???)
Christina - *sings* Oh, them golden slippers, oh them golden slippers...

gracie said...

matt and I plan on watching an entire day full of Jerry Lewis films on Christmas Eve. That promises to be great fun or really tacky... we have yet to decide.

I love the old black and white flix. So fun to indulge in the pre-P.C. world for a while.


tshsmom said...

L has been gradually gifting me with all my favorite holiday movies on DVD. For years, we've been watching the VHS versions, that I recorded off TV.

Christmas traditions warm my soul!

tweetey29 said...

Now what about Mircale on 34th Street here guys. I love that one. I dont have cable right now but I love that movie. One little girl needing a miracle. I think thats how it went. I havent seen it in years now but I do like it. There are lots of x-mas movies out there that are good. We watch Scrooge that his mother gave us a few years ago. The original one. Well I shall go get ready to go get K from her after school prgram. Hope to hear from you all over the holidays. Post Presents Please. If not all of them some of your favorites. LOL!!!

European said...

Gracie - you go! I think that's an excellent idea!
tshsmom - I just love DVDs - so much more convenient (not that I don't watch VHS anymore...). Have fun watching the classics!
tweety - I don't think I've ever seen Miracle on 34th Street. Hmmm. I know my MIL has it - perhpas when we go over to the house, I'll have her put it on.

tweetey29 said...

Its a good movie enjoy and have fun with your family. When you go through Chicago you are only about six hours from me. LOL!!!!