Thursday, December 14, 2006

Photo Advent Calendar, Day 14: baking

These are the date bars I just baked and my grandmother's cookie cutters (out for the next baking project). When she passed away, they became mine. Using them (or sometimes just looking at them) is a point of connection with her and makes me feel more purposeful as I mess around in my kitchen.
And on top of that I love how unique they are: Who has a fish, a rooster, and a pear cookie cutter for their Christmas baking?


European said...

PS: Is anybody actually reading my sidebar? Just wondering.

shapeofamother said...

I am, I am!!! Happy birthday, lady! Hey is that you on Elaine's evite list? Cause if so, you should go. :)

Nicole said...

don't say it's a rooster. say it's a cock.

I crack myself up.


European said...

Shapely mother - Thanks! I'd go, but one of us recently moved to the outer reaches of So. Cal... :(
Nicole - Hey! That's my grandma we're talking about here! ;)

Christina said...

I remember having the star, christmas tree, chick/bird, and heart...don't think we had a rooster or pear!

Christina said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!

You young thing, you!

tshsmom said...

Happy belated birthday, my fellow Sagitarrian!! I haven't been able to comment on Beta blogs, but I finally figured a way around this. :(

What an heirloom you have in your Grandma's cookie cutters!! I really wanted my Grandma's noodle cutter, but my aunt threw it out when she moved.

We DO have Christmas tree candle holders that used to hang on my grandparent's tree.