Wednesday, December 13, 2006

one year ago today...

...I was on my way to Germany to celebrate first my birthday and then Christmas with my family. I left basically on my last day of college, having just completed my teaching credential and basically ready to take on the world one classroom at a time.
Today, no doubt brought on by The Sick (which makes me whiny and emotional and eight shades of delightful to be around), I'm wallowing in the sinkhole of professional disillusionment. Consider:
1. I've more or less hated every job I've had since graduating (and that's four, my friends) for not being that of a classroom teacher (among other things).
2. I've been rejected by school district after school district - so many times, in fact, that I've lost count. And even though it's not supposed ot be personal, it really is. Being a teacher is important to me personally, so if I'm rejected as a teacher, I'm rejected as a person.
3. The job I currently hold is a total joke: Out of 11 days I've worked there (lots of short weeks due to holidays etc.), I've done what they hired me for exactly twice. That's less than 20%.
4. The prospects are dire.
What seems to happen a lot is that when a position opens up, districts hire people who have been subbing for them. I currently have ONE district that knows me, but since I'm in a long-term committment, they wouldn't be able to hire me at a different school, even if something opened up. On top of that, I don't want to work for this district. It's too big, too poor (because their financial priorities are all screwed up, if you ask me), too crazy.

I just called in sick for the rest of the week. My first choice would be to never go back there.


tweetey29 said...

Sounds like teaching is a bunch of YAYA when it comes to getting a job. I mean you go through all that work to get the degree and then they dont want to hire you eithe because you have no exp or what ever. You will get something soon. I have a hard time with my oldest daughters Kindergarden teacher. She thinks she knows everything about children and I dont hear from until they have had to tell K more than a week of work or else things. I see it as a parent we have the right to know right away if there are problems. Not a week after or when conferences are about to come up. Like three months after the fact. I really do appreciate you all accepting me here. This is fun giving you all my opionions on things. Hope things go well and Merry X-mas and Happy New Year.

European said...

Tweety - yay for bloggy love! With the teacher, I'd recommend giving her the benefit of the doubt. She has a ton of kids (20 - 35 in my limited experience) and often, it is difficult to talk to the parents just because of logistics.
That said, your concerns are valid. What I would do is tell her in a nice, non-confrontational manner, that you wished that she had told you about this problem right away. Ask her if in the future, she'd do that for you. Give her your home number and encourage her to use it.

tweetey29 said...

Yes thank you. I dont get much advice from my mom so you are the next best thing knowing you are in the school area of work. If that made any sense at all.Thanks for giving me some ideas.