Thursday, December 28, 2006

How do you wear yours?

I'm aging. I know this because this is my first winter visit to Germany in which I have brought tank tops as undershirts and long johns, acknowledging that a) Winter exists and b) I don't like to be cold.
The problem at hand is now to decide how to layer (beyond the basic idea to put underwear underneath overwear). Do you pull your kneesocks (ack! I'm actually wearing them!) on over your long johns or under your long johns? And if you're putting on a second pair of wool socks, do you put that one over the long johns even if you put the knee socks under? Do you tuck your undershirt into the pantie layer or into the long john layer or just into the pants layer?
And, most importantly, what do you do when the "waist band" of your long johns reaches up all the way to your boobs?

PS: Not leaving the house is not an option!


tweetey29 said...

Its been years since I have had to bundle like that and I suppose snow pants are out of the question huh? LOL.... I would just put my under clothes on then the long johns of course and then outer clothing but if you tuck shirts in tuck them into just your jeans. or the top layer of clothing. I dont wear wool socks so I cant give you advice there. But more than likely one of our other nice friends here can. Hope your trip is going well. I would love to go to another country sometime. I want to go to Finland sometime. My great grandmother was a Fin. Her parents were pure Fin.

Just a Girl said...

Socks over lj's.
Shirts into pants.

Extra long lj's? Hope they don't bunch and roll too much and if they do keep tugging at them.

Edge said...

I do underwear and socks then long john pants. since my shirts are usually too small they go under an undershirt. The outer clothes.

Since it rarely gets that cold where I live I usually skipt the long john top and use an undershirt and a long sleeve tshirt and maybe a third tshirt covered by a sweater then a jacket.

But that rarely happens ...


Adrian said...


I have no idea- never been that cold before! : )

tshsmom said...

LMAO!! CA has spoiled you, hasn't it?
Knee socks UNDER long johns; wool socks OVER long johns. All your socks stay up better this way.
Undershirt tucked in long johns; next layer(I'm with Jef. I don't like long john tops) tucks into pants. The sweater/sweatshirt layer goes over your pants.

BTW, if wearing a dickey, it goes under the sweater layer only. Scrunch ALWAYS gets that part wrong! ;)