Thursday, December 21, 2006

don't you tell me about a storm moving east

Every time I hear the words "Denver," "airport," "shut down," or "stuck," my intestines neatly twist themselves into a giant knot. And the whole "storm moving east" predictions sends me straight to the bathroom (due to the now even twistier knot) because PEOPLE! On Tuesday, I'm going to Chicago, City of Weather That Will Screw You if You're Flying, and I have to make a connection in only 102 minutes if my flight comes in on time. Otherwise, it might turn into a repeat of the September flight when I RAN LIKE A CRAZY RUNNING CRAZY through the Denver airport (cue: stomach knot).
Must remember to pack a paper bag to breathe into.
And a complete change of clothes.
And deodorant.
And snacks.
And my Starbucks card.


tshsmom said...

The Denver airport is open again. Hopefully the backlog of flights will be cleared up by the 26th. *crossing fingers*

European said...

Yes, it's starting to look better... *exhales*