Friday, December 01, 2006

crackin' the whip

During class, I made the following phone call to the vice principal's office today:
"I just wanted to let you know that L. is on his way up there. He is going to explain to you why it's okay for him to read a magazine and a book under his desk while I'm teaching."

I would not in most cases make that kind of a phone call in front of the whole class. I would not in most cases send a kid to the office for reading under his desk. HOWEVER, this kid had been trying to get a reaction out of me all day. Everything he did was done in a way that was on the surface beyond reproach, but was obviously done to annoy/anger me. I decided to show him who was boss. *cracks whip*


Nicole said...

just what he needed: a German dominatrix

Adrian said...

When I was in school I would have gotten a good ol' fashioned hiding for that.

Sure was better than stupid (and time wasting, ineffective) detention.


I wish I was a teacher back then...

Adrian said...

Forgot to add:


(You did well with what little options you had to deal with him)

Serena said...

Ahh, children: I'm so glad I don't have 'em.