Tuesday, December 19, 2006

because I asked for it

I remember a conversation I had with an acquaintance back in January about what jobs I wanted to apply for. I told her that I wanted to work with inner-city kids who needed somebody in their lives who cared about them.
Today was my first day actually working with the first graders I'm supposed to have worked with since November. Very exciting, and also very "inner-city"-ish:
While one of my groups was coloring, they were wondering about why the police always have guns, which lead to a discussion about whether or not it's okay to shoot at drunk people who are doing something dangerous, which inspired one of the boys to share that his dad was in jail because he did some bad stuff -- but wait, not his dad, his other dad -- which reminded another boy of that one time he was at a party at somebody's house and cholos showed up who had guns*.
After we were done, I went and watched those same kids sing "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" for their school assembly.



Elaine said...

I'm going with: whoa.

European said...

I second that.

tshsmom said...

How can these little ones believe in the magic of Christmas, when their lives are so harsh?!

If you're still working there next year, we'll have to put our heads together to make some magic for those kids. I'd LOVE to help!

European said...

tshsmom - You have a point there, even though I have to say that most kids at that school are really excited about Christmas and have been bringing gifts for their friends and teachers... though of course not everybody. Your idea is good - we'll see what the next year brings!

tweetey29 said...

I can help too some how. I love kids and I hate to see them not have somethign ok. Include me tooooooooooooo. LOL.... I mean what I did this year for K's girl scout troop was made doll size afghans. You should have seen the looks on there faces by the gesture on my part. It was that I had extra yarn but I also wanted to do something from the heart. I make baby afghans so it wasnt nothing I hadnt done before. It took two weeks of making granny square afgahns but they got done and delivered before x-mas.